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Finger-picking & Flat-picking

HOW TO: Finger-picking and Flat-Picking on the Mountain Dulcimer is a book for anyone who wants to expand their ability to play beyond strumming chords. And it’s EASY!

This book shares what I have learned not just from playing the mountain dulcimer but also from some fifty-odd years of studying music and playing in small groups and orchestras. The lessons in this book are how I teach flat-picking to my students, and are designed for the beginner as well as intermediate and advanced dulcimer players.

I don’t believe flat-picking is something reserved only for advanced players. In fact, when I teach beginners, I show them basic strummed chords and then immediately teach them how to flat-pick. The exercises and patterns I use are included in the book along with 25 songs tabbed for finger-picking and flat-picking. The tunes range from simple to more “interesting.” Everything you will need to know in order to play the songs is explained. And, best of all, this is a hands-on teaching method — there are more activities in the book than verbiage.


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