The Jezebel Strad

strad 09I don’t know much about this instrument except that it’s an American-made violin and that its maker named it the Jezebel Strad. It was made in 1927 by William Kidd of Basic City, Virginia. Basic City was in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia and became part of Waynesboro in the early 1900s (I looked it up). This is one of my treasured violins, and the one that I play most often at jams, both Celtic and Old Time (my other violin is an old German-made Maggini copy). It’s an old instrument and does show some wear, but it was recently restored and set up by one of the top luthiers in Orlando, Florida — new strings, fine tuners, etc. He fixed the damage next to the neck and a tiny stabilized crack to the purfling on the right side from the F-hole. Everything is stable. The scroll is obviously hand-carved.strad 05 The whole instrument is graceful and aesthetically pleasing. The instrument’s initials are carved on the back just under the neck.strad 07
The label inside reads:
The Jezebel Strad
By William Kidd – 1927
Basic City, VA
And this is all I know about it. I did a partial trade with the luthier in Orlando for this instrument. I had a very old German violin (a Fischer, not the Maggini clone) that I parted with as well as some dollars. Here’s a couple more photos.

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