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If your manuscript is finished and you decide to self-publish, you can either try to do it yourself, or you can hire someone to do it for you … and that’s us.

We are a team of published authors and editors who can help you edit, rewrite, and prepare your material for publication. As well as being writers ourselves, we have varied professional experience working for ad agencies, newspapers, printers, and production shops. Our team can also design eye-catching book covers. We have been doing this for over 20 years now, and repeat clients are a good sign of customer satisfaction!


Compare prices: We charge $699 to design a book AND an eBook. BookBaby does the same thing for around $1800. And CreateSpace? I have one client who paid them over 2K for his first book.

What do you get from us? Basically the same thing you get from these other big businesses – a properly formatted paper book, an ebook, a gorgeous full-color book cover designed specifically for your book, uploads, and all the additional help you need.


Because we don’t have a big fancy office and work primarily with freelancers. That keeps our overhead way down and is the main reason we can offer such low prices without compromising quality.   We don’t need to pay rent or salaries; we don’t have fancy webpages with webmasters on the payroll, and we don’t attend expensive trade shows.

Since we’re essentially a small firm, we can focus on quality and client satisfaction. Most of our business comes from word of mouth from satisfied customers. And our customers are happy; repeat business will attest to that. (We just finished the 6th book from a very prolific author.)

Our business is unique in that the entire process of getting your book produced is handled by one person who works on only one book at a time. This means that you are the sole focus. Everything we do is designed to make the most of your manuscript, from personalizing the book blurb, to a cover that will grab a potential reader and get your story noticed. We work with you alone, answering your questions and addressing your unique needs.


Do you have questions, or maybe need some information on what to do next? Talk to us. Once you have signed on, you will be assigned to a personal agent who will answer your questions as well as helping you make informed decisions about printers, ebook formatting, cover design, or any other aspect of the publishing industry. We’re not going to slough you off with a form letter or a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) website! And if you need face-to-face, we’re here for that as well! As we said, YOU are our sole focus.


  1. Provide a finished manuscript, one that has already been edited and corrected, and doesn’t need anything more done to it.
  2. Decide on a dedication if applicable.
  3. Write a brief author’s biography.
  4. Make a list of prior publications if any.
  5. Provide a good photograph of the author.
  6. Make copies of any reviews.


  1. Format your paper book and eBook.
  2. Select typefaces suitable for your book, including unique chapter headings and any other interior details.
  3. Design a cover specifically for your book.
  4. Design a title page.
  5. Provide an ISBN number.
  6. Insert the author’s photos and biography.
  7. Create an intriguing blurb and other advertising copy to help present your book in its best light.
  8. Create any interior charts, diagrams, cutouts, or other graphics as needed.
  9. Ensure that your book is well presented and ready for publication.
  10. Answer any questions, suggest ideas for marketing, or comment on the process as necessary.
  11. For the eBook, we create the index with links to all the chapters and other sections of the book.
  12. Send the author a final pdf for approval.

I’m JM Bolton, CEO of IDBPI and and an author.
I’m looking forward to hearing from you!!!
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