The City of Three Moons

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The planet is alive … and it’s angry!

Set in 2548, The City of Three Moons is the story of a team from Earth sent to re-establish contact with one of the colonies that had been “lost” during the 100-year War of Colonial Independence. Unknown to the colonists, however, the life cycle of the natives, inhabitants of the planet, Eoshia,  is synchronized to the appearance, every 500 years, of a third moon. Their existence within a physical body is merely one phase of their existence. The second phase is a purely mental form within a hive mentality known as Unity. Only once every 500 years are they corporeal! And that time is NOW!

The City of Three Moons follows the team from Earth, including Dr. Riley Griey, an empathic doctor, and Colonel Mac McKenna, their leader. As the story unfolds, as well as a mission that has more problems than solutions, they find themselves also trying to deal with issues left over from the war. For one thing, Riley discovers she can “hear” the planet, and unless she can learn to control this telepathic link, it will eventually drive her mad. Mac McKenna was a xenolinquist before the war, and he can help her, but when a devastating attack leaves him torn, blind, and dying, Riley has to work through her own trauma to save him as well as herself.

To make things even more complicated, the entire human population finds itself in the middle of a battle for survival as the planet begins to wake up and its non-human inhabitants begin to emerge. And that’s not all! Someone else shows up and wants to claim the planet for themselves! Add a flying something in the night and, well, it’s a bit of a mess …

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Science Fiction – 244pages,
Published 2010 – International Digital Book Publishing Industries
ISBN: 1-57550-010-8

Reviews for City of Three Moons

“I found this traditional hard science fiction novel enjoyable and easy to read. The themes were familiar, and I never questioned the all-but-certain outcome, but the exploration of ideas was light, entertaining, and fresh. This will be an enjoyable read for anyone who likes hard science fiction, telepathy, and interesting alien creatures.” Sift

“This is a good book.”

“Well developed and plausible characters you’d like to know. You’ll care what happens to them. Aliens who aren’t just funny-looking humans. A mystery. And a romance that doesn’t take over the story. I liked it very much.”

“A Fantastical Journey.”

“For those who’ve never read JM Bolton, you’re in for a treat that will have you searching out her other works as well! Her engaging style and creative vision pull the reader into an alternate reality he/she will savor even after the last tantalizing page. Each novel is a blessed, mind-expanding escape!”

“Adventure, Romance, Space Opera at its Best!”

“Great Story!”

“Read it twice and my wife read it. I had trouble getting her to give it back! Good characters, great plotlines. I can’t wait for her next one.”

“A Thrill of a tale.”

“This book has all the elements of a great adventure, space exploration, earthly colonists, native flying creatures, enemy aliens from a different planet and romance. Bolton’s building of the characters is superb, giving the reader insight into the thoughts and feelings of people and strange alien creatures. You can’t go wrong with this one.”

“Well worth my time to read!”

“I have come to expect nothing but the best from Johanna Bolton. She did not disappoint in The City of Three Moons. Her characters are well-developed, as is the sense of mystery and suspense. I actually felt that I was there, always a sign of a good writer. I loved the native, flying creatures and their connectedness to each other and their world. I also found the thread of romance to be tantalizing and enjoyable. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and I don’t usually care for books about space. But another planet just happened to be where the story took place. And she developed the alien planet very well throughout this book. Have found that any fiction written by Ms. Bolton has been well worth my time to read”

“This is the 3rd novel from the author of THE ALIEN WITHIN, and once again Bolton delivers! Excellent read!”

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