The Alien Within


A science fiction novel: Winter was an icy as her name and loyal to the core, but ice can melt and loyalty turn to treason!

Winter had turned her back on a tragic past and dedicated her life to the Federation Space Service. Ever since then she had been a model starcaptain — decisive, emotionless, and utterly committed.

Then a mysterious container turned up on her ship, and suddenly Winter was a target for assassination by a powerful alien civilization, and by the Federation itself! The container, it seems, held a body in stasis, a body she was tasked to deliver to a special laboratory, one with a questionable reputation. For the first time, Winter found herself questioning her orders; should she just do the job and deliver the container, or should she try to discover what was really happening? What was so special about this body that unknown forces seemed determined to stop her, even to the extent of destroying her ship?

The old Winter would never have questioned her orders. Once there was no place in her life for doubts or feelings –no place at all until she met Shaw.

But who is Shaw, the mysterious being who suddenly appeared in Winter’s life? And more important, WHAT is he? It seemed that finding the answer to this question just might plunge the Federation and its allies into a galactic war. No wonder everyone wants to kill him!

THE ALIEN WITHIN is the story of betrayal and two lives devastated. Both of them exiled from family and home, with their pasts erased, Winter and Shaw not only need to discover what they did to earn a place on this cosmic shit list, but how they can survive long enough to have a future. And it’s a story about payback …

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Science Fiction – 276 pages
published 2012: International Digital Book Publishing Industries

Reviews for The Alien Within

“This is a novel full of the sort of adventures and characters that keep space opera entertaining.” LOCUS

“Quite entertaining space opera with a suitably complex plot and above-average characterization.” s.f. Chronicle

” This is great science fiction.” Amazon

old_cover_trimmedTHE ALIEN WITHIN
OUT OF PRINTThis is the 1989 version of the novel. Although it’s out of print, you can sometimes find a copy in used book stores or online sites such as Amazon, eBay, or ABEbooks.Science Fiction – Paperbound, 277 pages, published 1988
Ballantine Books, ISBN: 0-345-35541-5

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