Tangled Tales – 20 Modern Fables

TangledTalesHere are 20 tales of strange events & supernatural beings … beings that just might live next door! These are stories of adventure, chickens, crows, demons, dragons, goblins, samurai, vengeance, vampires, & some other things.

A few of the stories are …

The Sweetest of All – A tale of elegant revenge.

Hereafter – If you could go back in time, who would you want to meet? As an intellectual exercise, it’s an interesting idea, but what if it really happened?

Just a Typical Thanksgiving – as told by the dog, and this dog is a lot smarter than anyone imagined!

Last Chance – They say ‘it takes a village’, and in high school, everyone plays a part in educating students. Sometimes they have to be creative to get the job done. Here’s a unique way to deal with a student gone very bad.

Grits – Meet the detective who takes jobs for the extra-normals living among us. Extra-normals? Oh, yes, they are here, and she has to deal with them!

Instant Karma – Remember when you were in high school? Remember that nerdy little guy sitting alone in the far corner drawing in a black notebook? Well, whatever you do, don’t make him mad!

Available from: Amazon.com https://www.amazon.com/Tangled-Tales-JM-Bolton-ebook/dp/B008FSCQ8I

Fantasy Short Fiction – 121 pages
Published 2012 – International Digital Book Publishing Industries
ISBN: 978-15775500300

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