Lady and the Pirate

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A virtuous woman, alone in the Caribbean in1690 was unheard of, and so, when Morgan found herself allied with Daniel Harris, one of the most notorious buccaneers on the Spanish Main, she had to make the best of it. Little did they know the alliance would soon become something much more! Then, when Daniel is captured and imprisoned in one of the most dreaded fortresses in the Indies, Morgan has to find a way to save him, even if it means giving up her own freedom in exchange.

Based – more or less — on historical fact, this tale is a romance in the oldest sense of the word. The main characters face is a series of adventures sweeping them from the sunbaked Caribbean to England’s foggy shores.

Morgan Catherine Santiago Moorhouse was a child of a Spanish noblewoman wed to a British adventurer. Raised on her family’s Caribbean estate, she knows only love and security until she loses her parents in an unfortunate accident. Despite her protests, Morgan is sent to live with her father’s kin England. The only ship available to take her there, however, is the privateer captained by one of her father’s old friends, Daniel Harris, himself an exile from Cromwell’s despotic reign. Despite the seeds of an attraction that began years before, Daniel knows he cannot provide the kind of life Morgan deserves, and so turns her over to her cousin, never suspecting the dangers she will face in England.

When Morgan is finally able to escape from her family, she flees to Daniel’s ship, and this is when they finally decide to try to make a life together. Unfortunately, this is also when a Spanish vessel attacks and Daniel is kidnapped. One adventure follows another, until the final confrontation with both Morgan and Daniel in the middle of the horror and devastation of the earthquake and fires that destroyed Port Royal, Jamaica on June 7, 1692. No one can know what the future holds, and neither will you know what happens to Morgan and Daniel … unless, of course, you read the book!

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Historical Romance – 210 pages
Published 2011 – International Digital Book Publishing Industries
ISBN: 978-1-57550-018-8

LadyPirateCover copyI had a difficult time finding just the right cover for this novel. Here’s the old cover. It wasn’t bad, and I thought it represented the story rather well. Other people didn’t agree with me. One person said it looked like the cover for a Young Adult novel. Well, that wouldn’t do! So I changed it to the picture of a mostly naked young male. But that’s not it either. While there is romance in the book and even some “interesting scenes,” it’s as much a historical novel as a romance. And so there’s now a third cover that will probably be on any future editions.L and P newest cover

Reviews for Lady & the Pirate

“This story sweeps from the torrid heat of the West Indies to the icy palaces of 17th century England. Rated a historical romance, and there is romance, The Pirate’s Lady is also an adventure with a fine dose of mystery. And the characters are interesting. It’s a very satisfying read.” (SP – New Mexico)

“Historical romance at its best with a true to life heroine and a hero who will set your heart pounding!”

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