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Publishing History

Publisher: IDBPI

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Heirs to the Empire, 2021, Science Fiction


Tangled Tales, 2012, Short Story collection


The Alien Within, 2012, Science Fiction

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Lady and the Pirate, 2011, Historical Romance Novel,

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The City of Three Moons, 2010, Science Fiction

Headstudies: 50 Years of Poetry, 2010

 Publisher: Ballantine/ Del Rey
Mission: Tori, 1990, Science Fiction
The Alien Within, 1988, Science Fiction

Publisher: Projex International, LTD
In 1996 my first two science fiction novels the Alien Within and Mission: Tori were translated into Russian and released as Star Kommandos and BNPYC CMEPTN (I have no idea what that last title means!). This was also the end of my association with my agent since he – oops — forgot to tell me that he’d sold the Russian rights to my novels. I think my books have appeared in other countries as well, but I’ll never know for sure. I wouldn’t have found out about the Russian translations if I hadn’t received an email from a Russian fan who wanted English copies of the book. We traded; he sent me the Russian editions and I sent him the English ones. I’ve had very bad luck with agents … they either move on, die, or sell my books “under the table” so to speak.

Publisher: Stonehenge Press
Santa Fe in a Day, 1981, History/guide to Santa Fe, New Mexico
(Author, Illustrator, & Photographer)

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Publisher: Fat Pony Music Books

More Music Book Covers

46 Folk Tunes for the Bowed Psaltery, 2021
How To: Flat Picking & Finger Picking on the Mt Dulcimer, 2020
A Little Book of Irish Fiddle Tunes, 2020
A Little Book of Scottish Fiddle Tunes, 2020
A little Book of Klezmer Fiddle Tunes, 2020

All Fiddle Book Covers
Play it Now! Celtic Tunes for the Bowed Psaltery,
A Psaltery Christmas
. 2015
Play it Now! Music for the Bowed Psaltery, 2015
Early Music for the Bowed Psaltery, 2015
20 Celtic Tunes for the Bowed Psaltery, 2014

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Publisher: Barron’s Educational Series, Inc
GED Computer Study Program (editor), 1997
Mathematics for the GED (editor), 1997
Barron’s GED Book – Science, 1998
Pass Key to the GED, Science, 1998

Publisher: Laughing Horse Press
How to: Spindle Spinning, 2000
Spinning Exotic Fibers, 1998
Dreamcatchers, 1994
A Book of Runes, 1994

Others published works include short stories, poems, & essays in various Anthologies including Mosaic 2010 & 2014 published by IDBPI
My Dream of Riding Horses – a poem in Hard Ground 2000: Writing the Rockies, published by Pronghorn Press:
Tomatoes – a poem in Hard Ground 2000: Writing the Rockies; also appeared in The High Country Tomato Handbook by Cheryl Wright.
The Truth About Chickens – essay in Hard Ground 2002: Writing the Rockies

Features & reviews for The Santa Fe Reporter, Santa Fe, NM.
Features & occasional articles for The New Mexican, Santa Fe, NM.
Feature writer – Santa Fe College media/publicity department, Santa Fe, NM.

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