Linda, Mo, and Katie’s GREAT ADVENTURE!

March 16, 2016:
The big black truck left this morning at 7am for Tulsa, Oklahoma. Why, you ask would anyone want to go to Tulsa, Oklahoma? Katie, Marlene’s big black doberman (aka Lady Katerina von Dobermen, CD, BN, RE, CGC), qualified and was invited to participate in the 2016 AKC Rally National Championship! 

Katie was a rescue dog, and after her past bad experiences, putting her in a crate and  flying her to Oklahoma would traumatize her, and so they’re driving. The trip shouldn’t be that bad …  it’s an easy two day drive. Her Rally classes are on Friday, and the adventurers will be home by Sunday. Our good friend and fellow dog trainer, Linda, volunteered to go along which left me free to stay home and feed all the other dogs, horses, chickens, and fish. I’ve been to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and I know Linda will appreciate it more than I. I think this is a good thing, right? Anyway, I told Marlene to take lots of pictures so we can document this momentous event.


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